Who we are

At Mobiloo we do things differently because we want things to be different.  We are compassionate, caring, professional and fun; we are driven to make a difference to the lives of those we support.  In fact, people are our raison d’etre; they are front and centre of everything we do.

We make lives better

We make it possible for disabled young people and adults to take part in everyday activities, enjoy new experiences and make memories with family and friends.

So many disabled young people and adults for example those with Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy, are often excluded from experiencing and participating in activities which most of take for granted.

A severe lack of one of the most basic human requirements often prohibits some of our community from joining in –  adequate toilet facilities.  Older people can often find standard and disabled toilet facilities difficult too, as well as anyone who needs a bit more space, additional privacy or for medical reasons needs a more hygienic environment.

Standard accessible toilet facilities do not meet the needs of everyone living with a disability.  Availability of a toilet with extra space, a changing bench and hoist makes the difference between missing out and making memories.

Amazing! Such a nice change form being forced to used the cramp ports loos at festivals. There is literally everything you could need! There really does need to be more of you up and down the country at every event! Keep up the good work.


Our vision

Our inspired vision began in 2015 with a single Mobiloo; by 2017 we had grown with the demand to 5 units.  In 2017 alone, we touched the lives of over 2000 people across more than 230 events and venues.  By summer 2018 we were operating 10 units and changing even more lives. 

We’re proud of the difference we have made but we know there is more to do, and we are committed to doing it.

In the UK, there are over 250,000 people whose lives could be changed by the simple provision of accessible toilet and changing facilities.  Currently, there are around a thousand fixed toilets in the UK which meet these needs; Mobiloo complements such facilities by providing a very nimble, mobile solution that can make almost any event or venue more accessible.

Mobiloo units in 2017

people helped in 2018

events and venues we attended

Mobiloo units in 2021 (more coming soon)

Our commitment

As the primary organisation dedicated to changing lives through providing these vital mobile facilities at events and venues, we are committed to our future and the lives we will change.

It is a journey we will take with those around us; our team comprises a significant proportion of disabled people.  But we don’t assume we know everything.  We take time to listen to users, family members and carers, constantly improving and innovating to meet changing needs.  And as a not-for-profit, any operating surplus is reinvested to develop and improve our service and the lives of those who need us.

We challenge perceptions, we upset the status quo, and we shift the conversation.

We are a vehicle for change.

Find out about how you can be a vehicle for change too.

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