Mobiloo – a vehicle for change

Mobiloo is the world’s first attended mobile toilet service with hoist and changing bench. Having a Mobiloo at a venue or event means anyone can attend.

There are over a quarter of a million people in the UK for whom a standard accessible toilet does not meet their needs. They either need a bit more space or need to be able to use an electronic hoist or changing bench in order to go to the toilet.

The choice facing such individuals and their families or carers is to simply stay at home or to risk injury and infection by getting changed on a public toilet floor. Having a Mobiloo at events or venues means people aren’t forced to make this choice.

Inside a Mobiloo toilet

Scroll right to see all the features inside a Mobiloo. Keep going to see inside of Mobiloo ‘Zack’

Full size changing table

Our adult sized changing beds are height adjustable, waterproof and have an optional low gradient tilt. They even have a plug hole so can be used with the shower or as a shallow bath.*

*Subject to vehicle. Some are without showers.


A toilet with grab rails which can be accessed with the ceiling track hoist. They do everything you’d expect a toilet to do!


Our ceiling track hoists are controlled electronically and transfer you around the Mobiloo onto the changing bed or toilet. Just bring your sling to attach on.


They’re warm, powerful and are a very popular feature during festivals. Can be used on the changing bed as well as standing or sitting.*

*Subject to availability – not in all vehicles.

See inside Mobiloo 'Zack'

Each Mobiloo comes with an attendant/driver

An attendant is on-hand throughout the event. Our friendly attendant delivers the unit, sets it up and remains with it on-site to supervise its use, keep it clean and ensure a hassle-free experience for users and hirers.

Events with a Mobiloo

Now you can plan your next event trip safe in the knowledge that there will be a toilet suitable for your needs. See where Mobiloo is going next.

Hire a Mobiloo

By providing fully accessible toilet facilities you will make your event accessible to over 250,000 more people. Hire a Mobiloo today for your next event.

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