Sponsor a Mobiloo

Our vehicles are a moving billboard – they help build our brand, create PR opportunities and ultimately enable our meteoric growth trajectory, and they could do the same for your business, brand or organisation.

A vibrant brand that is revolutionising the world

Our people and our fleet of specialist vehicles are the lifeblood of our charity; they make the unthinkable possible for families like Hadley’s.

Our Mobiloo vehicles cover thousands of miles every year across the whole of the UK and are a talking point at scores of events, large and small.  Some of our very high profile customers include international sporting venues, some of the UK’s best-known music festivals, an increasing number of National Trust properties, The Royal Albert Hall and the Natural History Museum to name just a few.

A partnership with the right company will provide enormous mutual benefit: to us, the funds we need to expand our non-profit operation and for our partner, an association with a vibrant brand that’s revolutionising the world.

Sponsor our fleet of life-changing specialist vehicles

Benefits of fleet sponsorship

  • PR opportunities: Generate positive PR opportunities at national and local level through traditional media plus social media and other online outlets
  • Increased brand exposure: Place your brand in front of tens of thousands of individuals and businesses across the UK with your company branding on our specialist vehicles as well as the opportunity to have a presence and place promotional materials on our pitch
  • Increased staff engagement: Utilise employee volunteering opportunities to enhance staff engagement and team building plus the chance to attend national and major events
  • Demonstration of social responsibility: Enhance your reputation amongst staff, customers and contacts by demonstrating your commitment to supporting good causes and communities
  • You will be a vehicle for change: You will make the unthinkable possible and open up a whole new world for thousands of young people and adults

To talk to us about this unique opportunity, please call James on 0300 030 1255 or email info@mobiloo.org.uk

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