By providing fully accessible toilet facilities, which meet the needs of those living with a disabling condition, you will make your event accessible to over 250,000 more people. 


Standard disabled toilet facilities in the UK and Ireland are not suitable for over a quarter of a million people which means they often cannot take part in everyday activities, experience new events or join in the fun.  But you can help change that. 


For those who may ordinarily miss out, you will give them the chance to join their family and friends to experience your event first-hand.  That means more people will enjoy your event!



We are a not-for-profit.  We keep our overheads low and our cost of hire even lower; we simply cover our costs. 


Suitable for all events and venues

Mobiloo toilet facilities are ideal for public events large and small; from sports fixtures to family days out and from music concerts to charity events.  We are a perfect addition to your venue and also ideal for private functions.  We attend events throughout the year so early booking is advisable.



We recognise that as the event organiser, you have a lot to think about which is why we make hiring Mobiloo hassle-free.


  • We require very little space. All we need is roughly the size of two parking spaces, one in front of the other (approximately 4m x 10m)


  • Mobiloo is self-contained. It operates independently, and we do not  need access to electric or water (unless we are with you for more than two days)


  • An attendant is on-hand throughout your event. Our friendly attendant delivers the unit, sets it up and remains with it on-site


  • The unit remains clean. The Mobiloo is kept clean, tidy and hygienic from the beginning to the end of your event


  • We remove any worry. Our attendant is available to help guests who are unsure about how to use Mobiloo



Booking is quick and easy.  Call us on 0300 030 1255, email us at or complete the form below. 

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