Meet the team

We are a team of adventurers who care greatly about access and inclusion. Meet our go-getter ambassadors, our office support staff and our featured smiley attendants.

Mandy Prosser & Izzy

Mandy Prosser & Izzy

Operations Manager

I run the Operations side of the charity which is a very varied and rewarding role.   Izzy, my amazing dog, is also part of the team; she goes everywhere with me.

Featured Attendant - Rich Booth

Featured Attendant - Rich Booth

Driver Attendant

This isn’t a job, it’s a way of life.

I just love the fact that we are able to make any venue or event truly accessible just by rocking up with one of our special vans.

Emma Muldoon

Emma Muldoon

Social Media & Ambassador

Emma is one of the UK’s leading disability bloggers, writing about her accessible adventures and travels. We’re so proud to have her on board; she does a brilliant job of managing our social media platforms and attending events as an ambassador.


James Warren

James Warren

Fleet Manager

James knows all of our vehicles inside out. Well, he did build many of them after all.. there was so much demand for Mobiloos one weekend that James and his colleague built a new on in under 24 hours!
Nathan Mattick

Nathan Mattick


I am the first wheelchair user to qualify as a football referee in the UK. I first got involved with Mobiloo a few years ago whilst I was studying at The National Star College. In my role as an ambassador my job is to attend events and meet you!

Our fleet of Mobiloos

Mobiloos aren’t just vans with toilets and other stuff in the back. They are vehicles for change. Each of them has its own personality. Most of them are named after people who are really important to us and the campaign for Changing Places and #incLOOsion



The sparkly one with a twinkle in her eye, Mobiloo Josephine is named in honour of our friend Josephine Brill. Jose loved people, sparkly things, activities.. but most of all, music. In her life she attended only one festival and had to leave after a couple of hours because there were no appropriate facilities. Her parents say that Mobiloo is an opportunity for freedom for others like Jose and they are proud to be part of the team.


Adam, the adventurous and cool one, named after our very cool young pal Adam who has been part of our journey longer than some of our staff! Adam’s mum’s blog, ‘Ordinary Hopes’ often features their adventures with the Mobiloo, from exploring the Cornwall coastline to zip lining the treetops with attendants Matt and Chris!


The determined and funny one. Named after one of our Trustees and ambassadors, Zack Kerr, who supports Man Utd and is always on the move doing all kinds of activities. Oh, and he has also played an integral role in lobbying the government to spend millions of pounds on Changing Places. in his spare time. We’re proud to have him on our team, so the least we could do is name a Mobiloo after him.


Ryan is the wise and wonderful one, named after our dear friend Ryan Davis who has left us with ambition, inspiration and some big shoes to fill. Ryan told us about his passion to attend music festivals and football events but how he simply couldn’t without the appropriate facilities. We remember a great weekend away with him on an ‘Of Course We Can’ adventure weekend and named this Mobiloo in his honour.


Holly is a new addition to our family – look out to for her story coming very soon.


Tabitha has been with us for the longest time and she spent months back at the start of our journey being there for a young friend of ours at school – if Tabs wasn’t there, he wouldn’t have even been able to participate in his education.


‘Legend has it that Luther is named after the soul singer Luther Vandross because Matt liked him, we think he was playing with words as on the original planner Luther was simply  van2 and was based in Gloucester’ so ‘Van2 Glos’ became ‘ Luther Van Glos ‘ a very cool name for one of the first Mobiloos to join the crew.


Lottie is the smallest of our Lutons and she was also the first one we built ourselves. Her name is purely an alliteration ‘Lottie the Luton’ It was after building her we started to name new mobiloos after important people.


Story coming soon…..


Our super smart trailer who has been around right from the start, she’s sure been on some adventures.. our favourite was a 4 hour drive up into the mountains so a disabled passenger could use the toilet at a 20 minute stop on a very very long journey. That’s what we’re here for!


Story coming soon…..

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