Join the RevoLOOtion!

We need your help so that more people in our community can do the things they love with the people that matter the most.

Mobiloo is the soLOOtion

Mobiloo makes events or venues accessible to the quarter of a million disabled people who would otherwise be stuck at home simply because of a lack of adequate toilet and changing facilities.

RevoLOOtionary ambassador

Ambassadors represent Mobiloo and everything we do. Our ambassadors are a super team of young disabled people who attend events to raise awareness of our mission, meet new people, document the journey.. and have fun! If you are interested in working on a voluntary basis with us to take on this role at events, or can make interesting content for our online community, please just get in touch.

RevoLOOtionary supporter

There are so many things you can do to support the revoLOOtion. You could make a video of yourself campaigning out and about to raise awareness, take pictures of your ‘revoLOOtion’ sign with your friends and family, or simply tell event organisers about how they can join and make their events accessible to all.

RevoLOOtionary event organiser

Do you run a festival, sporting event or any other outdoor activity? Here is the deal: if you book a Mobiloo complete with all that is needed for hoist assisted changing, you will officially become a revoLOOtionary event organiser. You’ll be including everyone. If it’s not inclusive, it’s not cool.

RevoLOOtionary fundraiser

Stay tuned for a packed events calendar filled with fundraising opportunities, including the chance to join team Mobiloo at everyone’s favourite ‘Superhero Series’ this year. Or do you have your own fundraising idea? Just let us know and we will support you in anyway we can. Thank you!

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