Hire a Mobiloo for your next event

By providing fully accessible toilet facilities, which meet the needs of those of us living with a disabling condition, you will make your event accessible to over 250,000 more people.

Make your event/venue inclusive

Standard disabled toilet facilities in the UK and Ireland are not suitable for over a quarter of a million people which means some of us cannot take part in everyday activities, experience new events or join in the fun. But you can help change that.

For those of us who may ordinarily miss out, you will give us the chance to join family and friends to experience your event first-hand. That means more people will enjoy your event!

Amazing! Such a nice change form being forced to used the cramped porta loos at festivals. There is literally everything you could need! There really does need to be more of you up and down the country at every event! Keep up the good work.


Mobiloo is suitable for all events and venues

Mobiloo toilet facilities are ideal for public events large and small; from sports fixtures to family days out and from music concerts to charity events. We are a perfect addition to your venue and also ideal for private functions. We attend events throughout the year so early booking is advisable

Does Mobiloo need power, water and waste disposal facilities?

Each Mobiloo unit is self-contained and can operate completely independently for a day.
For bookings longer than one day, we require access to:

Either a 16amp hook up or a standard British 3 pin plug socket

Each unit has portable water carriers to replenish supplies. A tap within 100m is ideal.

A toilet connected to mains sewerage in order to empty our camper van style cassette toilets

Occasions Mobiloo is perfect for…

Sport Fixtures

Music Concerts

Heritage Sites

Annual Events

Sports Matches

Outdoor Events

Music Festivals

Fun Days Out

The beach

Peace of mind

Mobiloo is a complete service. When you book Mobiloo you also get a smiling, welcoming attendant/driver. They will bring a Mobiloo to your event, set it up, supervise its use, keep it clean and be there to ensure a hassle-free experience for users and hirers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to cover the main questions in our FAQ but if you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

Ready to Book a Mobiloo?

Thank you for making your event/venue inclusive. You can book by calling 0300 030 1255, or by emailing info@mobiloo.org.uk

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