As the sun set on of the most unique events in the UK, the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, our attendant Matt said goodbye to a family that had travelled to from Oxford to be here- something they could only do because the Mobiloo was there.

In fact, this family have become close friends of ours because they plan their family activities almost exclusively around where the Mobiloo is going to be. Why? Because they have to.

Because their daughter is one of over ¼ million disabled people in the UK that can’t get out and enjoy amazing events like this, unless there is a bench and a hoist there. It’s a simple adjustment for an event to make, but a huge difference to their quality of life.

When we announced that we were going to be at the fiesta, a message came on from one excited resident of Bristol, tagging their family and friends. ‘LOOK! The Mobiloo is going to be at the Balloon Fiesta, we can go!’

When was the last time you were excited by a toilet? I’d bet probably never! But this is what it means to disabled people who are used to a severe lack of adequate facilities day in, day out. By choosing to have a Mobiloo at your event, you’re saying, ‘you are included’.

We’re determined that the future is one where a Mobiloo exists at all events and activities. One where disabled individuals have the freedom to choose and know they will have their dignity looked after when they get there. That’s our mission, and we want you to be in on it. For you to choose inclusion, real inclusion.

Get in touch with our charity today at, on 0300 030 1255 or on Find us on Facebook and Twitter @MobilooUK.

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