Who needs Mobiloo?

According to a 2009 University of Dundee study, there are at least 250,000 people in the UK for whom a standard accessible toilet does not meet their needs.

They either need a bit more space so that their carers can assist them, they may not be able to get out of their wheelchair unassisted, or they might need the use of a changing bench.

All of these are found in a Mobiloo.

When an event or venue doesn’t have a toilet facility with the above things, people who need them are forced to make a choice. Shall I stay at home, or should I risk injury and infection by being manually lifted from my wheelchair and changed on the floor of a public toilet? We don’t think people should be forced to make this choice, which is the reason we exist!

Is it expensive to hire?
Mobiloo is run on a not for profit basis. The cost of hiring a Mobiloo unit reflects the cost incurred in providing the service.
What does a Mobiloo unit have?

Each of our Mobiloo units has:

  • A toilet with grab rails each side
  • An electronic hoist
  • An adult sized changing bench
  • Running water
  • Soap, hand towels, wet wipes and disposable, latex free, hygienic gloves
How much space does it take up?

We have several different Mobiloo units, each with a slightly different footprint and access path. In general, we’d say that two parking spaces one in front of the other, is enough for our most popular unit type to operate within. Ideal operating dimensions are 4m x 10m.

Does Mobiloo need power, water and waste disposal facilities?

Each Mobiloo unit is self-contained and can operate completely independently for up to two days. For bookings longer than two days, we require access to:
- electric (either a 16amp hook up or a standard British 3 pin plug socket)
- water. Each unit has portable water carriers to replenish supplies. A tap within 100m is ideal.
- A toilet connected to mains sewerage in order to empty our camper van style cassette toilets

How far in advance do I need to book a Mobiloo?
The earlier, the better! Whilst there are several Mobiloo units, we do receive bookings well in advance for events throughout the year. Over the last year we saw a huge increase in the demand for our services so please get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
Who can use the Mobiloo and who can’t?
Mobiloos are designed to be used by anyone who can’t, or would struggle to use a standard accessible toilet. Mobiloos are intended to supplement existing toilet provision, be it fixed or portable. They should not be used to replace providing other toilets.
How environmentally friendly is Mobiloo?

We’re very conscious of our environmental impact and do all we can to keep it to an absolute minimum.

We use organic cleaning products where available. Our van fleet is modern and compliant with the latest environmental regulations.

When larger electric vans become a practical alternative to conventional fuels, we are committed to use these.

At HQ, commutes and journeys to our vehicle storage are made by bike whenever possible.

What area does Mobilo cover?
We currently cover mainland Britain. We are also able to covwer areas outside of this, both nationally and internationally upon request.
How do I know where there will be a Mobiloo?
Easy! We have a list of the public events Mobiloo will be attending over the next few months on our website. You can find it here
What is the role of the driver/attendant?

First off, they make sure that the Mobiloo gets to where it needs to be on time. When they arrive, they will set up the Mobiloo, ensuring the equipment is ready for use and if appropriate taking care of sourcing water and an electrical hook up.

They will then stay with the unit through the course of an event, operating the tail lift and being on hand to instruct anyone not sure of how any of the equipment works. They also keep the unit clean and hygienic throughout the event.

Do users need to bring their own sling?
Yes. Some of our units do carry spare slings, but as slings are personal items in both shape and size, you should bring your own if you need to use the hoist.